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Welcome to AI Fantasy League. The concept here is much like Fantasy Sports but it's all about American Idol instead.

League play will be $6 ($5 for the pot, $1 for paypal fees). If you want to play more than one "team" that's fine. In other words, if you want to play twice, with two different rosters, that's fine. In this case, you could pay $5 for additional teams as the first $1 will go to paypal.  Paypal payments should go to All entries will need to be in by 6pm CT on 3/17 to count. Payments will need to be in by 4/1.

ETA I changed my paypal email addy. It's now

Place the final 11 Idols in the order that you think they will finish. For example:



 Adam Lambert


 Danny Gokey


 Allison Iraheta


 Megan Joy


 Alexis Grace


 Lil Rounds


 Kris Allen


 Scott MacIntyre


 Michael Sarver


 Anoop Desai



Points will be awarded in the following fashion:

Top 10 (Week 1): You will receive 2 points for each correctly selected contestant in this round that makes it through to the next week.
Max points: 20

Top 9 (Week 2): 4 points for each correct selection

Max points: 36

Top 8 (Week 3): 5 points for each correct selection

Max points:40

Top 7 (Week 4): 6 points for each correct selection

Max points: 42

Top 6 (Week 5): 8 points for each correct selection

Max points: 56

Top 5 (Week 6): 12 points points for each correct selection

Max points: 60 points.

Top 4 (Week 7): 15 points for each correct selection

Max points: 64 points.

Top 3 (Week 8): 22 points for each correct selection

Max points: 66

Top 2 (Week 6): 35 points for each correct selection

Max points: 70

Finale (Week 10): You will receive 120 points if you chose the American Idol.

I frickin knew it bonus points

Every week you will also choose the contestant who you believe will be eliminated. If you are correct, you will receive an additional 10 points. Should the judges excercize their veto right, points will still be awarded for those who chose correctly. On the next week, you will be asked to choose two contestants. If you guess one correctly, you will receive the standard 10 points. If you choose both contestants correctly, you will receive 50 points!

Prize Distribution:

The more people to join, the bigger the pot!

1st place takes home 75% of the pot!

2nd Place takes home 25% of the pot!


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OK, It made sense in my head. lol. Basically, you choose your picks as listed above. Let's say though, you want to play the odds as you think that maybe Allison will win but then again it could be Adam. So your first "team" might show Allison as the winner. Your second, though, might list Adam. Does that make sense?

So a team is not a team, it's just one person's choices. And if I enter 3 times, with three different lists, then I have 3 teams?

And who keeps track of the scoring?

and when does each team pick the bonus and how?

Exactly! I may need to ammend the rules to be more clear. Sorry.

Either I or parkavepirate will be keeping a spreadsheet with scores which will be published the day after each elimination.

Each Wednesday morning, I'll put up a poll (with results viewable only to myself and Jen) that will stay open until 30 minutes before the live show. Anyone who answers correctly will receive the bonus points.

ok so is this actually happening, or are you still gaging interest?

It's on in full effect. I guess even if there are just 5 or 6 of us it'll still be fun and someone will get enough for a lunch ;)

If you have a paypal account, just sign in and then go to "send money." Once there, please use the email address and select "services/other"

oh, and I will be making a post promptly for "team" selections so that if you have your team picked out, you can update it there.

what if people choose the same teams? then the bonus point will help, I suppose.

i will paypal you later today. i have to wait until my husband drains the money out of the account so the money will transfer from my bank account. xD

Exactly. Hopefully, it won't come down to a tie in the end. That would make it interesting to say the least.

And I am in no hurry. It's allll good.

Don't suppose you might pimp or allow me to over in adamlamberai8. hmmmm?

i think it's fine, but i should be a good mod and check with the other co-mods first. just hang on to your horses!

nikki still hasn't gotten back to me, but she is so chill that i highly doubt she would care.


edit: nikki said it's fine too. WOOT. wanna affiliate too??

Edited at 2009-03-13 10:44 pm (UTC)

YAY!!! Will pimp today! And yes, Affiliating would be awesome!!!!

OK, just pimped. And uhm sorry, I got so excited that I forgot to tag :/

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